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Fall 2020 Funding Round is Live.
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It Started with a Simple Idea.

A project, a couple of friends, in a dormitory room.
We are here to bring that to the next level.

What is i-Fund?

The UEA i-Fund is a student run non-profit fund that supports small undergraduate student startups by providing financial assistance.

Each year, we will have $5,000 in our fund to give out. We will award the top applications ranging from $10 to buy a domain name to up to $500 to market your products.


How does it Work?

After you applied, we will conduct an interview with you and decided the amount of money we are willing to invest.

If you choose to accept our fund, you can keep 100% of the money you make. The "investment" we made is purely in a gift nature to help you grow your business.


Can I Apply?

If more than 60% of your team or the main founder of your company is an undergraduate student, then yes!

This fund is not limite to Carnegie Mellon University students, but is open for all university undergraduates in the US.


How to Apply?

It's easy, just Click Me! to apply to the fund.

Please prepare the following documents:
  • Your resume (in pdf format)
  • Business Plan (either doc or slides)
  • Budge for the amount of fund you are applying for
Optional :
  • Pitch video (less than 5 minutes)
  • Proof of enrollment if we request
  • Your company's logo and website

Any Questions? Contact Us.

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Sebastian Yang
i-Fund Director

Sebastian is the vice-president and an executive board memebr of the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Association at Carnegie Mellon University. He is a junior majoring in Information Systems + Statistics and Machine Learning and he minors in Business + Game Design.

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Thomas Brecher
UEA Board Member

Tommy is a board member for the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Association at CMU. He is a sophomore majoring in Materials Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.

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